Boardvantage Portal Review

Without the adoption of modern technology, business companies would be unlikely to make significant progress in our fast and intense world, where speed and efficiency are valued above all else. Board portals are tools that can not only help keep your board fully organized, but also provide excellent security. In this article, we will talk about Boardvantage Portal, as its services are widely recognized in the global market, and learn what features this provider offers its customers.

Boardvantage Portal – Overview

The Boardvantage Portal is one of the most reliable and cost-effective options for communication between executives of a business company. The program helps keep the board of directors communicating even during lockdowns and skillfully manages documents and the company itself remotely. Now, this vendor is one of the leaders among U.S. businesses because it can provide truly unique features.

The company can meet any requirements and current topical issues the board faces at every meeting. The provider gives you the flexibility to configure and use all features, as well as high-quality security and feature-rich applications to help you improve the overall performance of your company.

Benefits of Boardvantage:boardvantage user guide

Boardvantage formed its operations and started offering portal services when the original Vantage organization was bought by Nasdaq. The company aims to simplify your work by automating the processes involved in managing sensitive data. This way, all the time saved, members can spend on another equally important task, and the overall productivity will also increase as a result.

The provider of Boardvantage offers quite a favorable pricing for using their product, which also gives them an edge over their competitors. The program aims to reduce the need for paper documents in your company as much as possible, encouraging you to digitize all data. All digital documents will be secure in the space with the best encryption methods.

Boardvantage software has the following features:

  • Support Desk -support is available 24/7 via phone or online, chat, and it also provides boardvantage user guide so you can more easily adapt to the space
  • Activity Dashboard – Allows the administrator to monitor the activity of all other users in the space and see all documents they have viewed or interacted with in some way
  • Automatic notification – as soon as any changes or updates have occurred in the space, the other participants will definitely receive an automatic notification to email, so that everyone can track the changes and stay up to date
  • Task management – the administrator can assign tasks to other users and set deadlines for the task, they can also track the progress of the task
  • Archive and store -After the meeting has taken place all the meeting records can be put into the program archive so that they can be referred to later if required. The archive stores all records permanently and it is up to you to decide whether you want to keep or delete them
  • Role-Based Permissions – the administrator assigns roles to the users and these roles give the users permissions according to which they have rights and limits
  • Remote Access – authorized users have access to all information from anywhere using any device
  • Collaboration tools – the software includes voting and polls in its functionality as well as a space for online discussion, in order to improve the communication between the employees
  • Meeting set-up – you can hold online conference meetings, the provider provides all the necessary facilities for this
  • Electronic Signature -Sign necessary agreements and documents anytime, anywhere
  • Double Authentication -protects your password and your space from unauthorized access
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