The board software can help you with coordinating productive meeting

Board meetings have moved online, and it has become more difficult to organize them both from a technical and organizational point of view. Therefore, more companies are choosing board software to securely organize online meetings. Here is more about it.

The purpose of the board software

In recent decades, the field of telecommunications has stepped far forward, and new tools for effective business communication have appeared that standard telephony could not provide. The concept of “unified communications” demonstrates a qualitatively new approach to providing communications, uniting all types of interaction via the Internet – text chat, collaboration with documents, and video broadcasting. The board meeting software is a digital platform that unites all these functions in one bundled utility.

The advantages of board portals have already been appreciated by most public and private customers. Thanks to the integrated technologies, the software provides the highest quality conferencing, close to real communication. It is used in many industries for meetings, negotiations, remote education, contact centers, etc. The main purpose of such a solution is to arrange secure collaboration of collegial bodies. Conference calls make it possible to speed up the decision-making process of the board of directors and improve internal communications between members. In addition, video communication service providers can use conferencing as a video communication service (SaaS).

The board software is a convenient teamwork tool that replaces all communication services. With this tool, you can communicate with colleagues, upload files, and get notified when something comes directly to you. Large tasks can be divided into more detailed ones, and with the help of additional extensions, you can estimate the time spent on performing a single step. At the same time, you will not get confused about your tasks because every day, a to-do list with planned tasks is formed for you, and repetitive workflows can be automated.

Advantages of the board meeting platform

The board software offers the following advantages for the board members:

  • Ability to save and share content

Board portals are mostly used for virtual collaboration. Therefore, ideally, it should be possible to save and share a video of the whiteboarding process or at least the results (i.e., the content on the whiteboards). So now you know what standards we apply when selecting suitable online whiteboards for virtual collaboration or digital tutoring.

  • Security

The board software is a videoconferencing software product designed to meet the highest requirements for protecting confidential information. The communication server is located in the organization’s network or a third-party provider’s cloud data center. The server is fully controlled by the organization and supports encryption.

  • Convenience

The intuitive user interface makes business communication as comfortable and efficient as possible. The board portal is installed on the organization’s server or in a cloud data center, has a developed API, and easily integrates with applications, portals, and traditional hardware video conferencing. Participation in video conferencing sessions is possible through a web browser and the desktop client application. Any browser can be used for board software, which makes business trips and negotiations with partners and customers in the regions easier and more convenient.

  • Saving time

All the aspects mentioned reduce time and thus ensure more efficient work. Board members are spared long journeys, and interruptions during work to discuss the current project status are largely redundant. Employees receive feedback faster and can respond to it directly. The board members can plan, divide, and edit projects better. In summary, the correct use of board software can save a lot of time, which will benefit the actual work of collegial bodies.

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