European Crisis drives massive surge in usage of collaboration software

In the last few years, you can observe the active use of software for the organization of workflow in any environment. Today in the market especially popular software, which makes it possible to save the necessary working rhythm even when this is absent of any objective possibilities. While the popularity of such products in the US-Asia market does not seem surprising, the increase in demand for remote work software for the European market is astonishing. However, there is a very logical explanation for this growing popularity. We suggest knowing more about why enterprise virtual data rooms have become so popular in Europe and continue to attract new European users.


A brief look at the phenomenon of the popularity of virtual platforms

It would not be quite right to say that became popular as a matter of fact in one millennium. Development of this type of software product has been going on for more than a decade, but only in the last few years has its use really become widespread. According to some analysts of the software market in Europe, this popularity is primarily due to the economic crisis that has occurred in recent years. There are several connections between these phenomena:

  1. The crisis provoked a rise in prices for manufacturing. It is not only about the increased cost of purchase and delivery of raw materials for the production of certain goods, but also about the increased cost of production facilities and equipment. This led to an increase in the cost of production and the final cost of products and services. As a result, company managers began to look for different possibilities to organize cost-effective production, including optimizing the use of software for remote work.

  2. Companies require new approaches in the organization of the work process. The method in which employees are constantly required to be at their workplace for 5 days a day from 9 to 6 hours, even if there is no obvious need for this, is morally stale. Most of the work tasks can be performed with significantly less time and without the need to visit the office. Modern software has a lot of options and tools that make it possible to perform organizational, control, and reporting operations, even in terms of distant work.

  3. Customers realized that they need software to support their work during crisis periods. The global pandemic and the crisis that arose under its influence knocked many companies out of business. Some of them were able to renew their activity, others were forced to leave the market. Thus, to save the work needed to find ways to ensure the work of companies even when physically unable to visit the office and fulfill their obligations.

Virtual platforms and data rooms make it possible to ensure the stability of companies during various periods of crisis. Moreover, you do not need to buy special software at a steep price – most of the products presented in the market are fully accessible to a wide range of users. In addition to the software itself, corporate users also have the opportunity to receive a package of additional services, which are needed to support the operation of the software in the future. 

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