How to Install All Printer Driver and Software

Wednesday, February 28th 2018. | Setup

Install Printer Driver – Canon, HP, Brother, Epson, Samsung, Dell, Xerox, Lexmark

How To Install Printer Driver

How to Install All Printer Driver and Software on the PC, Laptop (Windows)

  • Turn on the computer or Laptop wait until the boot process is complete.
  • Connect the printer and computer data cable or Laptop.
  • Connect the printer power cable, then turn it on.
  • Make sure the cable is connected properly to all devices.
  • Insert the printer driver CD into space already available (CD-ROOM) waiting to be read on a computer screen, usually will go directly to the page with the installation, click the Install button, wait for it to finish.
  • Open Explorer and locate the file that has been at the Download Drivers in articles in the table above, find the application file to install the printer. click Install, wait for the finish.
  • After it is installed perfectly, restart the computer or laptop.
  • CD Driver can already issue.
  • To check whether the printer is actually already installed, click Start at the bottom corner of the screen ⇒ click Control Panel ⇒ click Printers and Other hardware ⇒ click Printers and Faxes, an icon will appear by name the type of printer being installed.
  • Done.
  • Try to print.

For complete installation, you need to choose the type of installation you need. The following information may help you in deciding which type of installation you are using.

Recommended installation:

  1. Provide reliable Software and drivers with complete product functions that will help maximise your tasks.
  2. Check back the latest products and software updates to minimise errors on your device.
  3. Use of the software does not pose new problems to your work device.
  4. All your tasks can be solved correctly.

Special installation:

  1. Install the required software or drivers and connect to the operating system of your computer device.
  2. Use updated software and drivers, to avoid mistakes while performing tasks.
  3. Immediately correct the error from before starting Custom installation on your device.

INFORMATION: To avoid accidental errors and the loss of functionality of the product, please carefully read the description or steps of the installation process from each software component during the installation process.

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